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                                                                                                    The third  driving lesson consists of :

  Incline start

  The driving test is 2 parts:

   1. Parkings

    2. Road test

The first exercise  on the yard is usually incline start.. What is incline start ?

At testing station, on the yard there is a ramp build out of bricks starting with up hill, than it is horizontal terrain on the top and than down hill.

    You have to drive over the hill performing taking off on the up hill.

On the up hill part you have a stop line and a stop sign. You must stop just before the stop line, pull up the hand brake, select neutral and release the pedals. You have to follow this procedure every time  when you stop on the yard.

Than you must select gear, obtain clutch control and take off. Doing that you must not roll back ( that will be instant fail ) and you must not spin the wheels ( that will be instant fail ) . If the applicants do one of the 2 mistakes 99% of them roll back. If you spin the wheels , it means you shouldn’t be gone for the test.

    How to take off the proper way ?

    You need to follow the 5 steps for normal taking off with 2 differences: step No. 3 and step No. 4

Step 3 - When you accelerate make sure you accelerate more than usual.

Step 4 - When you release the clutch, release it more to bring the 2 plates of the clutch closer to one another preventing them from slipping which may  cause rolling back. First make sure you release the clutch to the friction point ( you can notice when the sound of the engine lowers ), and than release a little more. Make sure you that you don’t overdo it because you may stall the engine.

    So the steps would be :

1. Press the clutch and select gear ( same )

2. Grab the hand brake ( same )

3. Accelerate more  ( first difference )

4. Release the clutch more

5. Release  the hand brake, release the clutch after 2 meters ( then you will be on the top of the hill where the terrain is horizontal )

For the rest of the lesson practice incline start from time to time on steep terrains, maintain clutch control and drive arround.

Driving lesson No.3-Incline start STOP
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