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1. Lesson No. 1/ Theoretical explanation of mechanisms of driving

I believe in good theoretical preparation before commencing

practical driving. That’s why explanation of the theory is very

important. You will get tuition about everything regarding the

driving at the beginning of the first driving lesson. There after

you will drive slowly where occasional stops will  appear from

time to time to clarify different aspects of driving. Driving with

first gear will be done for the rest of the lesson.

Taking off and stopping will be done often.

2. Lesson No. 2/ Taking off with hand brake, maintaining clutch control and general driving


                                                                   After practicing driving, taking off and stopping at the first driving lesson, now we learn the first type of taking off technic

                                                                   - with hand brake. This is the basic type of taking off and everybody must know it. For the driving test it is compulsory this

                                                                   type of taking off to be used, to prevent you from the most common mistake - rolling. The second type of taking off -

                                                                   with pedals only, will be used after the test, most of the time. But for the test hand brake is MUST. There is NO EXCEPTION.

                                                                   In the second half of the lesson you will be trained to maintain clutch control after taking off with hand brake.                                                                   This difficult exercise is the most important skill you have to learn in driving and it will be used every day for the rest of your life .



 3. Lesson No. 3/ Incline start

     It’s time to start the parkings, warming up with the least consuming time and simplest exercise - incline start.

     Incline start is the first thing you do on the yard test. Pulling off on the steep hill has practical value too.

     You will use this technic in the real life driving from time to time. Rolling back when taking off is sudden dead.

4. Lesson No. 4/ 3 point turn

Turning back at street without exit with 3 only manoeuvres is also part of the yard test. Most students hate it. Strong rules and steps created by the driving school make it

accurate and precise.

Self discipline is necessary ingredient to succeed. You will not need to face this often in real life but it is included in the test anyway and need to be learned.


5. Lesson No.5/ Alley docking

Deep reverse parking in between pools from both sides. It require continuous concentration and a

good clutch control. Equally hard  parking for all not to be underestimated.

6. Lesson No.6/ Parallel parking

This is the night mare for all boys. The most difficult parking of all. Hardly used in South Africa this parking is the grave for many. In a short space you have to do 3 steering and precise clutch control at the same time. Again, good example of everyday’s life. What ever difficult task you have, if you chop it in a small steps easy to be executed, you will solve the whole problem.

7. Lesson No.7/ Driving with  K53 observations and doing incline start with this checks

Now, knowing how to drive and park, you need to cover all this with complicated observations called K53. The system of K53 observation is extremely unpractical

but if you want to pass the test, you be very strict in applying it. You have to do the driving on the road with K53 observations. In the same lesson you do incline start

with K53 checks.

 8. Lessons No. 8-10/ Repeating all the parkings with K53 observations

 Now all the parkins need to be repeated but the difference is that you need to do certain observations at the beginning of each parking. This makes the parkings much more complicated because the K53 observations take your attention away.

9. Lesson No. 11/ Pre-trip inspection, hand signals, emergency stop

The last and the easiest thing you need to know are pre-trip inspection. The yard test start with pre-trip inspection. What you have to do is, walk around the car mentioning everything you need to check regarding safe driving. Internal inspection follows.

Hand signals/emergency stop are hardly demanded by the examiners at Randburg testing station in the recent years. Starting procedure need to be learned informatively only.

                To start learning about the driving lessons please press the green button below !!!

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Learners lessons

Driving lessons services

Driving lessons

Refreshing courses available for drivers made brake in driving

Refreshing courses

Learners license or Traffic register number needed for test bookings Passport needed for test bookings

Test bookings

IT needed for test bookings 4 ID photos needed for booking of learners and drivers test R 108 needed for learners test booking.R228 needed for drivers test booking. Pass your learners easily is the best book for preparation for learners test before doing the practical test on the website Studying materials for learners test

When you book your test at the testing station you must be in person. No body else can book for you because eye test of the applicant is conducted. Parents or friends may take you to the testing station assisting you with transport, but they can’t book for you. To book your learners test you need to bring the following:

                                                                                                                  1.ID and a copy ( or valid passport and traffic register number and copies

                                                                                                                    for non South African citizens ). Make sure you take the original ID.

                                                                                                                    The copy DON’T need to be  certified. Same apply for the passport an                                                                                                                     copy of it.

2.    Proof of residential address. This is a new requirement. Booking official may not ask you

      for this document but i advise to take it just in case. If you don’t have such a document on

      your name as it usually is, you have to provide certified copy of your parent’s one with affidavit

      certified at the police station.


                                                                                         3.    4 B/W photos. They usually need only one, but take 4 black and white photos

                                                                                                just in case. You will need photos during the whole process.


4.    R 108 cost the booking. Please remember that you will need another R 60 for the issue of

      the learners license once you pass successfully the learners test. Cash only.


On the day of the test bring: ID ( or Passport and traffic register number), Receipt, photo, R 60.

Use municipality bill as a proof of residential address Use telkom statement as a proof of residential address ID photo needed for booking of learners test ID photo needed for booking of learners test ID photo needed for booking of learners test ID photo needed for booking of learners test Cash payment for booking of learners test.R108 Cash payment for booking of learners test.Notes and coins accepted.

 Drivers test booking

You have to book personally at the testing station.


       number and copies for non South African citizens )

Use municipality bill as a proof of residential addressUse telkom statement as a proof of residential address4 ID photos needed for booking of drivers test.R228 cash needed for booking of drivers test.Pay with notes.R228 cash needed for booking of drivers test.Pay with coins.Refreshing driving lessons for drivers without experience.Hypnotherapy for fears of drivingHypnotherapy may be concidered as a cure of fears of drivingTest bookings directionsFormula 1 driving school contact cell numberFormula 1 driving school contact with Whatsapp Unlimited Q&A via    R50 once off