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1. Lesson No. 1/ Theoretical explanation of mechanisms of driving

 3. Lesson No. 3/ Incline start

5. Lesson No. 5/ Alley docking


11. Lesson No.11/ Pre trip inspection

Hand signals, emergency stop

7. Lesson No. 7/ Driving with

K 53 observations and doing

incline start with this checks

K 53

9. Lesson No.9/ Alley docking

with K53

K53 R

2. Lesson No. 2/ Taking off with hand brake, maintaining clutch control and general driving

4. Lesson No. 4/ 3 point turn

6. Lesson No. 6/ Parallel parking


8. Lesson No. 8/ 3 point turn with K 53

K 53

10. Lesson No.10/ Parallel parking

with K 53

R K 53
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